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Visual D

Visual D is a Visual Studio package providing project management, language services and debugger integration. It works with Visual Studio 2008 - 2022 including Professional and Community versions. See the Installation instructions, especially if using older versions of Visual Studio.

Visual D aims at providing seamless integration of the D programming language into Visual Studio.

Latest release: Visual D 1.3.1
If you are just starting with the D programming language and don't have a compiler installed then this download provides you with everything to get you started with writing D program in Visual Studio including the reference compiler DMD 2.100.2 and the LLVM-based compiler LDC 1.30.0:
download size approx 88 MB
If you are a Visual D user or have a D compiler already installed then this download provides you with an update to boost your experience in Visual Studio:
download size approx 6 MB
Cutting edge prereleases if you want to try the most recent improvements to Visual D:


Use the navigation bar on the left to take a tour of Visual D including a lot of screen shots.

  • Project management with all DMD options available through the UI
  • seamless VC project integration
  • Syntax highlighting with special version and token string support
  • Code completion and tooltips from semantic analysis of source code
  • Underlining of syntactical errors
  • Goto definition
  • Parameter info tooltips
  • Code outlining
  • Symbol/File search window
  • Integration with the Visual Studio debugger through native D expression evaluation or custom debug engine Mago
  • Profiler browse window
  • Code Coverage support
  • Support for Error List, Code Definition window, Object Browser and Class View
  • C++ to D Conversion Wizard
  • Support for building with LDC and GDC instead of DMD
  • Completely written in D


Full version history and complete details...

2022-10-09 Version 1.3.1 2022-06-05 Version 1.3.0 2022-01-15 Version 1.2.0 more...


The latest installer and older versions can be downloaded here.