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Visual D

Visual D is a Visual Studio package providing both project management and language services. It works with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 as well as the free Visual Studio Shells. See the Installation instructions, especially if not using a commercial edition of Visual Studio.

Visual D aims at providing seamless integration of the D programming language into Visual Studio.


Use the navigation bar on the left to take a tour of Visual D including a lot of screen shots.

  • Project management with all DMD options available through the UI
  • Syntax highlighting with special version and token string support
  • Import statement completion, semantic word-completion
  • Underlining of syntactical errors
  • Goto definition
  • Parameter info tooltips
  • Code outlining
  • Symbol/File search window
  • Integration of cv2pdb and Mago for nice debugging experience
  • Profiler browse window
  • Code Coverage support
  • Support for Error List, Code Definition window, Object Browser and Class View
  • C++ to D Conversion Wizard
  • Code completion and tooltips from semantic analysis of source code
  • Support for building with GDC instead of DMD (including 64-bit code)
  • Completely written in D


Full version history and complete details...

2014-10-10 Version 0.3.39 2014-04-15 Version 0.3.38-1 2014-04-12 Version 0.3.38 more...


The latest installer can also be downloaded here. You can find older versions and some additional files in the download directory.